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MacPhisto exclusive video for Naked City

This is amazing stuff - a feature about ZooTV on the UK TV show Naked City in late July or early August 1993. Contains exclusive MacPhisto footage I have never seen before and didn't even know existed!

0:00 - Until The End Of The World live in Madrid (22/5/93)
2:27 - world exclusive of Numb EBN video remix
4:35 - interview with The Doppelgangers from the EBTTRT video
5:30 - exclusive video message from MacPhisto for Naked City
5:50 - various '90s clips (including the U2 Massive Heads)
6:17 - MacPhisto introducing the band members in Madrid (22/5/93), intercut with band interviews
7:34 - history of the band's relationship with the British media
10:36 - about ZooTV
11:13 - video footage of MacPhisto visiting the Vatican (9/7/93) and posing by the mirror in the Hotel Majestic (8/7/93)
12:00 - clip of Zoo Station live
13:13 - clip of Desire live (MacPhisto)
13:36 - MacPhisto leaving a message for Alessandra Mussolini in Bologna (18/7/93)
13:54 - clip of Bullet The Blue Sky live
14:47 & 16:12 - clips of Ultra Violet live (MacPhisto)
16:31 - MacPhisto speaks French and sings opera

My mind is blown!
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