Arena scans

I finally got my own copy of Arena magazine a few months ago (better late than never!) so I did some scanning of Kevin Davies' wonderful photoshoots.
Arena cover (click to enlarge)

I had only ever seen a small, awful-quality scan of this Vatican City fountain photo. The new scan is still not brilliant quality (please share the original on Tumblr, Kevin?!) but it is certainly bigger and better than the old one:
Vatican fountain (click to enlarge)

This image is best known as a poster, but a text-free version appeared in the magazine. I had a somewhat poor-quality version of it before, now replaced with this one:
Bono is MacPhisto (click to enlarge)

I had also only ever seen some rather small scans of the dressing room sequence, so it's good to get some bigger and less cropped versions:
Dressing room 1 (click to enlarge)     Dressing room 2 (click to enlarge)     Dressing room 3 (click to enlarge)     Dressing room 4 (click to enlarge)     Dressing room 5 (click to enlarge)     Dressing room 6 (click to enlarge)

And a much better quality montage of the whole set:
Dressing room montage (click to enlarge)

Also got a much bigger and less cropped scan of this sofa photo:
Gold sofa with text (click to enlarge)

Way back in the '90s, I rather clumsily edited the text out of that image. All these years later, I still see that same crappy quality edit floating around the Internet because nobody ever bothered to make a better one. Internet, here is my latest gift to you. I spent more time on this one.
Gold sofa without text (click to enlarge)

These photos are all copyright Kevin Davies - please contact him if you want to use them in any other publication!
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MacPhisto 2018

Official EI Tour clips

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MacPhisto 2018

Europe speeches

Still working on updates to the website (it's been a busy couple of months!), but in the meantime you can read / watch / listen to all of MacPhisto's speeches from Europe here. Did this really happen?! <3
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The Man...

I find it interesting that Brandon Flowers, the co-writer of MacPhisto's comeback song 'We're Going To Hell', has chosen to wear a sparkly gold suit and red ruffled shirt in The Killers' new video. That's *got* to be a deliberate tribute, hasn't it?!
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