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MacPhisto's Den

I have a vision... Eurovision!

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A place to come and share pictures and tales of the devil in gold lamé.

Community created by ex_bleep247, now maintained by canadanne.
achtung baby, adam clayton, akebono, alessandra mussolini, allan border, archbishop of canterbury, bernard tapie, bill clinton, bono, bono vox, clannad, cliff richard, cricket, dame edna, dame edna everage, dana, demons, desire, devil horns, devils, diana princess of wales, dictators, elvis presley, eurovision, eurovision song contest, falling in love, fame, football, frank murphy, frank sinatra, gaa, gavin friday, george carey, gianni agnelli, glitz and glamour, gold lamé, graham taylor, hell, helmut kohl, horns, jean-marie le pen, jim morrison, joel grey, john banks, john major, john paul ii, john selwyn gummer, klm, lady diana spencer, larry mullen, larry mullen jr, lemon, lipstick, love is blindness, luciano pavarotti, macphisto, madonna, margaret thatcher, martini, mephisto, mephistopheles, michael jackson, mister macphisto, moon river, moya brennan, mr macphisto, mr. macphisto, máire brennan, naked city, paul hewson, pegleg, phone calls, phones, platform boots, platform shoes, politicians, pop stars, pope john paul ii, princess diana, queen beatrix, quentin crisp, red lipstick, religion, ritz hotel, rock & roll, rock 'n' roll, rock and roll, rock n roll, royalty, salman rushdie, show business, steven berkoff, sympathy for the devil, taxis, teach-in, telephone calls, telephones, the archbishop of canterbury, the black rider, the devil, the edge, the fly, the pope, the queen mother, the screwtape letters, the weather, u2, ultra violet, united nations, video cameras, with or without you, zoo tv, zoo tv tour, zooropa, zootv

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